A Brief Guide to Futurist Art and Futurism



Marinetti Portrait, By Fortunato Depero

Browsing the Youtube suggestion about my videos, I found this interesting video by the user : Alex Fox , which can be a good short visual introduction about Futurism. I think that the approach is a bit too much political , and takes some assertions by the Futurist Artists a bit too much literally , but well, It gives an overview about some of the main artworks and the lead concept of that era, so I recommend watching it, specially If you never heard about futurismo. When I was sending around my work "Futurist Toys" I was getting a bit annoyed that most of the festival were changing the title to "Futuristic Toys" , probably thinking , since It's quite clear from my writing that I'm not a native English speaker that it was a mistake . So, I hope that this video will give you a first basic knowledge about futurist, and will help you understanding this site (if You care about) .