Claudio Castelli bio

Claudio Castelli is an Artist

For others he’s a digital artist (the not capital “a” was intentional)

For others he’s a Designer

For others he’s a Professor

For others he’s a Scenographer

For others he’s a Computer Geek – Computer Technician

For others he’s a Dreamer, for others is a Genius, for others more he’s an Idiot.

For others he’s a magistrate judge , or a mexican actor, but well, unfortunately, that’s not the Claudio Castelli writing on this site.

About any other definition, I could agree (more or less)


please read listening at the soundtrack of this video, to feel the emphasis better
Let’s Contextualize Claudio Castelli

I was born on the Second of March, 1979, In Siena the Italian city , but then I spent most of my life, till now, In Grosseto

Claudio Castelli was graduated in 2005 in Industrial Design, at Polytechnic of Milan (Politecnico di Milano) university. Before graduating, I had a 6 month Erasmus (study abroad) experience in Greece (Tei – Technological Educational Institute of Athens), and one year study abroad experience in Japan , Fukuoka, at Kyushu Institute of Design , now called Kyushu University’s Graduate School of Design.

In Fukuoka, i had my first , very promising (even paid) working experience as an intern /illustrator /videomaker in a design company called GETAP

Then, after graduating, In 2009, If I remember correctly, I attended a 4 month Professional 3d Artist Training course at Animation Workshop – Viborg, Denmark

Then,and in the meanwhile, I kept learning myself, and honestly, I think that this self education phase, specially in a field like mine, should never end, since they are too many things to learn, for a single life



Once, in Turin (Torino) , During a festival where i was selected called “VIEW CONFERENCE” , trying as usual promoting my works (and trying to get some money) , I went to talk to a gallerist , after he finished featuring a digital artist represented by he’s gallery.

I said “Hello, ehm, I’m Claudio Castelli”

The gallerist said “Are you an artist?”

I said “Well….I think that others should say so, not myself”

The gallerist said “Uhmph, Then, You are NOT, cause you have to think first yourself, that you are an Artist”

The gallerist, then , left.

So, since we have to learn from our mistake, I wrote as the first sentence on this page “Claudio Castelli is an Artist”, hoping that that gallerist will find me, and will finally cover me of money.

Besides this hard experience, I made some exhibitions, my works were selected at over 50 or 60 animation – art Festival including Berlinale, Imagina, Cannes, Comicon (sandiego) etc etc – i had interviews from several newspapers, tv channels, art magazine, and some web sites about digital art.

I’ve been asked to make a poster and the teaser movie from Seoul Film Festival, some video installation from the Municipality of Grosseto (my city) , and I worked as “Digital Scenographer” , using vj techniques and multi projective systems in concert and theatre live shows. I also created video installation for commercial exhibitions – fairy trades in Milano

I won a price in Japan, in 2002, i think, with this video, that had to promote (don’t know how) a shopping area of Fukuoka city.



I’ve been a (contract) professor in Brera Academy (fine arts academy of Milan)

For a course called “Digital Animation Techniques”

I’ve been a (contract) professor in SantaGiulia Academy (fine arts academy of Brescia)

For a master Class called “new media, new people” teaching “advanced web art”

I’ve been selected as professor in Pisa university of Literature , for a course about artistic documentary

(But I was unable to work there, at the end).
I’ve been teaching about technical aspect of 3d graphic in several courses in Grosseto

I wish to teach more, and think how fancy could be for your university having an exotic italian (quite) young professor, so you’re very welcome to contact me.


THE ENTREPRENEUR LIFE (YES, like Batman during the Day)

(WHY KURAGEART? kurage means Jellyfish in Japanese. Is Exotic, and when i have to give my email to clients, I always spend around 10 minutes in spelling, creating some MYSTERIOUS FASCINATION around my activity)

I Founded my company Kurage Art di Claudio Castelli in 2007, I think.

From that time, I worked mostly in webdesign, promotion , and web marketing for several institutions and private business, in the area of Grosseto, Rome and Milano, creating also projects for conventions, theatrical live shows, fairy trades, illustrations, and collaborating with several people (to make my works, and this world a better place).

Since my main site, was getting too many contents, I also created the more “on the earth” , showing in a very simple way how my strange things could help other people Business. It was designed for my area in Italy, but obviously I’m always willing to EXPAND, so you’re welcome to ask me about design – promotional tasks. After all, you got to read this page, so, somehow, my methods are working.And, what to say, I have a former education in Design, and most of the jobs I got, I got using the web.

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