Futurist Toys : A complete explanation

from submarine channel:

Futurist paintings come to life in this 3D animated short.

“Back to the Futurists” could have been the subtitle. While studying in Japan, Claudio Castelli became more aware of his Italian roots and came up with the idea to make futurist paintings come to life. The result is no short than breathtaking. “Giocattoli Futuristi’ gets visual inspiration from Depero's paintings, with some narrative elements taken from Pasolini’s movies and classic Italian literature” explains Claudio. “I think that the world would be more interested in seeing ‘Italy’, rather than some squalid attempt to emulate a PIXAR production.” Don’t know about the world but we would definitely like to see more Castelli, but the problem is financing. “I try to make some money making websites. Even superheroes have jobs you know. They fight crime for free”. Interesting point. But unlike Bruce Wayne and the like, there’s no ‘Castelli Enterprises’ to fall back on. In fact, he’s still looking for a producer for his next project.

The history wants to be on one side shooting a kind of futuristic representation, irreverent and grotesque that, then resume the absence of his own psychology of this type of stage action, and what triggers in the viewer a sense of bewilderment and amazement, while remaining a dreamy-playful vision, from 'other a "drama" of expressionist type, which contextualizes the man dominated by the mechanical nature which he himself established, and he wants to awaken the slumbering consciousness. The "drama", in fact, it is rather ironic, and got up to several themes of Italian literature, as the "Divine Comedy" or the "Betrothed", by going to summarize in skits sensitive. Works that have marked the life and cultural development of all of us, themes and reflections "common" .. It can be considered autobiographical in part, may on the other hand, if you can manage to fall in the shoes of impersonal ' "APROTAGONISTA" represent a bit? all of us, who walk with wonder in time and space, looking for that something different, enveloped by mocking changing ideals specially created precisely to allow the functioning of society, and every time we remain irremediably trapped, and then wake up and fall into them again, however, enriched inwardly, and a little? less? mechanical ?.

So I wanted to give you food for thought, especially for all of us "young", which at this time we are leaving that dimension? Playful? of the studies and we are going to WORK, or rather looking for it (for those who had not already done so): we try, whenever we realize that we are a bit 'too "automata", to lift our eyes and see again life in a playful and primativista, we try, every time that we wake up, smile, rather than be overwhelmed, our mechanical nature, and that of others. I leave it to YOU ??the other conclusions. SCRIPT After a nightmare (or reality) oppressive, mechanically occurred inside the alarm clock, the main character wakes up with a start, rushing against the clock and then by shutting down the 'other noise, this time not mechanical: the rooster. Having done very quickly breakfast, it descends into the enchanted nature of the country, where, however, after a moment of romance are revealed all facets grotesque, ridiculous and horrific that this fairy land offers. After a short ride, made of meetings of mechanical characters, who carry out their in an "automatic" The culmination of the grotesque function has in SUICIDE: an automaton, among the mechanics of storytelling, perhaps burdened by its own mechanism, flows in a vacuum, and immediately she swallowed by the earth.

Rain, wind, devils will clean traces, but when it collapsed intervenes BENIDIZIONE: l 'act (or maybe just the rain) off the flames of' hell, the earth closes and the world is safe: the protagonist, together other creatures, pauses to contemplate the mystique of 'exists. But this moment of ecstasy is troubled by 'arrival on the scene of two menacing robots, good manzionani, at the sight of the soft-spoken performer blessing runs away screaming, and the' ecstasy ends. Bars and drunken brawl: the star swallows a glass (of Campari, of course), is the ticket and enters the peripheral station: place you transit the portal for the rest of the world, the last outpost of quotidianetà. Quick jump on the train, grinding mechanical gods moved by flames, gears and bolts. The landscape scrolls quickly, the campaign is avidly devoured by the metal monster, in a violent whirlwind of shapes and colors that make up mechanisms was announced the city. The impersonal protagonist arrives at the central station, swirl mechanisms, workers automatons, trains, passengers automatons that come and go from all over, and chooses, confused by the crowd swarming a 'secondary output, assolutamene lonely. Short walk groping in 'darkness of the underground tunnel, and then the fall, the portal for the' HELL. Not at all disturbed by the agony of the damned automata and threatening grimaces of devils, she makes a brief snack and heads quickly to 'output, but instead of "see the stars" continues to be underground, in the subway, Subway.

Earned the 'output, the menace of the shadows that pop up in the side streets led him to dive into the void, into a garbage can an old popular complex. This place, of naturalness in microcosm 'urban impersonality, leads him to' primitive instinct: chases the cat in rottambolesche adventures, until coming across the Asian hunter. After the forced return to normal, contemplates the growth of the city: skyscrapers, buildings, teeming building machines to master deities also men, expelled in rapid sequence from the belly of the great wilderness. Now incorporated in the serial generative, he slips into a funnel, along with other items, junk, automata-men: able to glimpse a love, summed up in a fairy -nice asleep segregated in a tower, only to be "ground" from the machine " social "and be OMOGEINIZZATO in the social structure, rather MECHANICS, overlooking the meccanismo- society in which he lives. That is, become a small force PROPULSIVE for one of gear MILLION, constituting one of the MILLIONS of mechanisms that move the 'existing.