When some good static pictures are not working with Animation


Odysseus - Nobody - Another Attempt

Believe me or not, The static images for this new attempt were convincing me quite a lot. It was quite a shame that, putting things together , I almost felled disgusted... Watch this video, and You will understand why : I'm not talking here about the montage : this is an unfinished product -- later, if I was somehow satisfied, it would have gone into a much more precise video - editing processing, and it would be syncronized better with the music ... I'm talking here about how the character movement are integrating with the background: horribly The main reason, I think, is that i Made the character too geometrically complex... and then is very hard to move them in a way the can match the landscape (created with hybrid 2d - 3d techniques). Definetely not satisfied with this attempt- I published, anyway, mostly to keep track of my efforts Please consider that portion was created to have a feedback of my latest style -- not really suitable for animation, I would say. You can see some stills here: those i think they are quite pleasant ... STILLS ===>