Honestly, I have not time to translate this article right now.

But you won’t loose much. Just a little funny polemyc to italian people not liking the movie, and the thing it won the prize as best foreign movie not having seeing it.

I didn’t have the chance to see it myself, but still, I like to defend it.

Here I provide a google translation of the original article I wrote:
Frankly, the film I 've seen yet.
But what it seems insignificant to me.
But I have enjoyed the controversy of who has posted on facebook screams of rage for the victory of the Sorrentino film Oscar award for best feature film at the stranger.
As the name implies, the film is beautiful, otherwise it would be called "The Great Beauty".
But this seems obvious.
What is less obvious is that the victory of this film is also served to make you angry, as you l 'Oscar does not l' have definitely won.
So learn, kind of envious.
That said, I side in advance with Sorrentino, because when some of my works have been selected in important international festival, I found a certain coldness on the part of the Italian media.
I mean, an artist creates a nice job, it takes time and passion, is acclaimed all 'foreign, and everyone in Italy they do not care.
But you know: the 'grass is always greener.
Prophet in his homeland.
But in the end, life goes on.