branding animation for mtv

A proposal for a competition, the creation of a “branding” animation for MTV (1min length) The animation will be a sort of animated futuristic framework, which will represent MTV in the typical swirling style and surreal futurista.Si Please refer to the storyboard. There are too many visual elements to be described in a few words. For an example of the style that is then used, it can be useful vision Toys Futurists. As said Fortunato Depero (Futurist painter and copywriter) said, if in the past customers were popes and emperors, in our times are the enterprises and institutions.

Plot Outline: Night. Hush. Exterior front view of an old apartment building. All the lights are off,
with the exception of that of a top left window. View of the interior. A small apartment.
An old woman asleep in a rocking chair. A light through the window: the old
lady wakes up, starts to swing the chair, the caged bird starts singing that issues like
mechanical melody, and moves around the cage. The old lady starts her knitting, and
it produces another track for the rhythm. Several robots are starting to get out of her knitting.
It will start producing a new track for the pace of evolution, gear and then running in
a kind of washing machine (which produces another track ..).
Individual images, and below the storyboard

Soryboard animation mtv tav1
Soryboard animation mtv tav2
Soryboard animation mtv tav3
Soryboard animation mtv tav4
Soryboard animation mtv tav5
Soryboard animation mtv tav6
Soryboard animation mtv tav7
Soryboard animation mtv tav8
Soryboard animation mtv tav9
Soryboard animation mtv tav10