Electronic Art

The term was created around 1960, indicating the introduction of electronic technologies in the arts forms of the period.

We clearly talk in this case , about television, the beginnings of Internet scene, computers, primitive technology for virtual reality, robotics, video and audio recording technologies, and wearable technologies.

One of the most interesting features that sets it apart is the multidisciplinary allowed by electronic media: often merging with music, or other art forms, visual, acoustic or theatrical type.

For example, is often used for creating virtual or video sets, for: theater performances, concerts, or more traditional art type, such as sculpture, painting, or performative arts.

There are many other terms, created later that, if not complementary, or synonyms, are often indicating artworks like this.

Take for example the web art, or video art, computer art, or new media art.

There is also the digital art, which indicates specifically, the art created by using a computer.

But even there, we are talking basically about the concept of electronic art.

My thoughts, for what it's worth, is that we always talk only about art.

Realized with the new tools that technology provides.

But is not just normal for the human being, to master the technique and the material, with the technologies that its time offers? Is it not true that the use of new inks, or types of colors, was immediately adopted by the artists, once the technique was allowing their use, and the creation of colors produced by natural elements was quickly replaced?