An immersive 3d video installation without special glasses - screen


Some people are inquiring me on how to setup an immersive video installation in their gallery or their church, to fit my works, asking about magic 3d technology, or if I'm using olograms. Right now, at the end of 2012, 3d movies in movie theatre are quite popular, but people are forced to wear special glasses to fully appreciate the effect. To me, this solution doesn't fit for an artistic installation or a live event. A nice but quite expensive solution, used mainly in very big concerts, is to use some special semi transparent screens, positioned in layers, that can fake a 3d experience without the need of people wearing special glasses. (using really many projectors at the same time). A cool example is here:Looking around on the web, i found out that somebody is actually studying for a next gen real solution... But that's sci-fi , still

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My solution is quite cheap and effective, and quite easy to realize. The result is really an immersive experience, and is not archived using special equipment, but simply setting a 3d animation rendered by several point of views, and then projecting each element on a separated screen, so, the viewer can feel he's "inside" the artwork. Obviously, we still needs several good quality standard beamers , and some nice scenography to archive a nice results. And then some study and tries on how to setup things properly on the installation place. Here's  a simple layout of one of my installation about Nativity (that you can find here): 4 beamers: 1 for the sky , 1 for the Nativity main scene / the Holy Family, 1 for the left side and 1 for the right side (people, buildings - animals going to adore the new born Jesus). 


In this case, I had to use front projections, since the space behind the screens was very limited, but in a bigger site I would go with rear projection... For any question, feel free to contact me at kurageart(at)