The Wire, Theseus, Ariadne, The Minotaur

The first Animation on which I worked in the distant university years, concerning the myth of the labyrinth of Knossos, and of the events of Teseo who killed the Minotaur, here is the victim of the marginalization and of his own diversity. Made in "team" with: Elisa Bertolotti , Carolina Perrod, John Scarsella, Giacomo Trevisan. The wire represents the alphabet. Definitely one of the most enjoyable "in the classical sense" animations of my portfolio. It's a pity that music has been cut off by youtube for copyright infringement ... ‚Äč

life at Knossus court
the Minotaur as a kid
the Minotaur and the labirynth
theseus and ariadne