Claudio Castelli

Welcome to the official Claudio Castelli website. In the world there are various Claudio Castelli, but I'm the Italian official one, since I bought the domain Claudio Castelli, the owner of this site is mostly defined as a "visual - digital artist." Sometimes as a designer, sometimes as a graphic designer, sometimes even as a technical figure or as a professor. Humans are individuals characterized by a thousand facets, and into a modern working reality so "young and dynamic" , they are forced to emerge and put up high-sounding labels to our modern professions. So now maybe you are: senior 3d generalist artist, tomorrow interaction designer, and in the meantime maybe web designer, multimedia managers and even web designer, web developer or SEO specialist. Frankly, the new economy, with its nomenclature confuses me. And I feel confused when people demand an exact definition of my profession. The professionalism is given by EXPERTISE, so they say. Too bad, if one side is required, from 'other door to become obsolete very fast. Such as the figure of 'taxidermist of chairs has almost disappeared, with the spread of the industrial aesthetic taste, as well as the figure of the flash designer, the creator of those sites with animated intro and leaping small icons, so fashionable at the end 90 years is now definitely recycled into something different. The trend in the 'industry of communication and of' entertainment undergo mutations "epochal" very fast, much faster than industrial. And try to remain flexible is curious is perhaps the 'only way to continue to float in this colorful digital world, at least not living in countries like Usa , Canada, perhaps UK where a solid industry can support a full time carrier in these new fields.