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Welcome to the official Claudio Castelli website. In the world there are various Claudio Castelli, but I'm the Italian official one, since I bought the domain claudiocastelli.it.

If You came here You're probably looking for the designer, the visual artist, the photographer

It's still me. I'm not also the judge.

I used to have a site called kurageart.com

note: I have to update the translation, this comes straight from bing translator, please be patient, no don't go mad, there's plenty to read on the internet! Photography, like all techniques, has undergone countless innovations and changes over the years. Usually, when it comes to innovation, we talk about advantages from the point of view of usability and quality. With photography, the most obvious evolutionary advantages of the last 70-80 years have certainly been in terms of ergonomics, portability and ease of sharing of the visual material produced.
How to earn money with digital art? I don't know. That's why it is nice to investigate. I think I'm dealing with this article, about an hot topic for many digital artists (or electronic) , clearly including also myself. The digital art system, while using as a "Palette" (or main instrument) to build from scratch or modify an artwork, a single PC or a several computer farms, is not too far away, conceptually, from the system of traditional art. Both systems (digital and analog) they are basically trying to communicate an experience to the viewers of the work.
A series of images obtained with large format cameras. "Large" is anything that goes beyond the medium format, which uses a film of 6 cm wide (the "classic" 35mm format uses a film of only 24mm in wide!). I usually shot in the American size 4 "x 5" (about 10x12cm), cause I like the squarish ratio, 9x12cm (European version of the american 4x5 , intercheangeable by using the right holder in modern 4x5 or 9x12 cameras) , 13x18cm, 5 "x7" using self-built or antique machines.
  As a kid I played with a chemistry set (made for kids : In Italy it was a popoular game called "Il Piccolo chimico") When I read that it was possible to develop films and black and white papers with homemade ingredients, I had to try it. You will need: soluble coffee, caustic soda (not bicarbonate, but sodium carbonate), ascorbic acid (perhaps lemon juice would work equally), water.
The results did not leave me fully satisfied in terms of quality. Photos developed, probably improperly, were extremely dense, and only decent for scanning. Also, surely, because they are C41 rolls (color, expired) processed in a black and white chemistry (homecrafted). With a bew black and white film, like foma , used in the medium-format "squared" examples, the results have drastically improved. But the stench remains, and causes domestic conflicts. These experiments  have anyway some charm, and it was definitely fun.
Once he hears to his heart's content, sails on, a wiser man. We know all the pains that the Greeks and Trojans once endured on the spreading plain of Troy when the gods willed it so all that comes to pass on the fertile earth, we know it all! Odysseus was curious as to what the Sirens sang to him, so, on Circe's advice, he had all of his sailors plug their ears with beeswax and tie him to the mast. He ordered his men to leave him tied tightly to the mast, no matter how much he would beg. When he heard their beautiful song, he ordered the sailors to untie him but they bound him tighter.
Digital art under the Umbrella . Enterely made using a smartphone
A little series taken with a Zeiss Ikon Taxona .  foto a cura dell' utente CYW di FlickrA peculiarity of this camera is that it snaps square 24x24 mm pictures, resembling the proportions of the 60x60mm medium format film, so much loved by the fans of Hasselblad.
The best camera is the one You have with You this was the title from  Chase Jarvis book. So, in our modern lifes, is often a smartphone. Quality isn't great, but we have to think that most of the research it have been in camera developement wasen't really about the quality, but about the convenience and the portability.
Electronic Art and Electronic Cigarette : A Very interesting parallelism. As the traditional bohemian stereotyped artist is supposed to wear a scarf, and to smoke the pipe or some hand rolled cigarettes , The Electronic artist is supposed to vape the electronic cigarette.