A brief Appendix, written for an essay on "electronic Futurism" by the painter Tina Saletnich.

I Included the full text I had originally written, cause this is not paper, so there is no waste putting in things that they are unrelevant for a painter essay, but more interesting on the electronic side of the arts.

The electronic Futurism is an artistic movement officially born with my "Electronic Futurism Manifesto", written and published online in 1996.

Russian Avant - Garde Video

the voice of russian propaganda
Produced by Marc Bertrand.

Production Agency :National Film Board of Canada.

Russian avant garde is a term that aims to cover the art produced in Russia ( actually the Russian Empire, or the Soviet Union ) between 1890 and 1930 ...

although some place its beginning as early as 1850 and its end as late as 1960.

The term covers many separate, but inextricably related, art movements that occurred at the time; namely Neo-primitivism, suprematism, constructivism, and futurism.

Depero - Balli Plastici : a cg reconstruction

Il tagliaboschi, Fortunato Depero

It was incredible to find this piece on Youtube ...

4 years after I came out with my "Giocattoli Futuristi - Futurist Toys" .

At that time I turned out creating a short movie, taking distance from Futurist ideals, adopting visual futurist elements mostly to show a great contrast between our industrial world and that Futurist world dreamed in the thirties , where machines were seen as our friend...

Video Games or interactive art?

Rez - artistic videogame

Can be Video Games being considered “Art” ? For me, as any form of Digital Art, FOR SURE. For collectors, as I explained in my Article : How to earn money with digital art, much less, I believe. But things are changing, and even formal and well know institutional museums, such as MOMA in new York, finally opened their doors to videogames in their Permanent exhibitions. The titles currently included are only 14:

Electronic Art

electronic art - crosslight

The term was created around 1960, indicating the introduction of electronic technologies in the arts forms of the period.

We clearly talk in this case , about television, the beginnings of Internet scene, computers, primitive technology for virtual reality, robotics, video and audio recording technologies, and wearable technologies.

One of the most interesting features that sets it apart is the multidisciplinary allowed by electronic media: often merging with music, or other art forms, visual, acoustic or theatrical type.

Restoring Digital Art : it gets OLD so fast!

cecilia gomez restaururaion

As an electronic artist, I often faced the same fact with my creation, specially with videos: for example, the software I was using ages ago is not available anymore, and maybe my video resolution in 1998 was like 320 x 240 (very fine for those times)...


and now it haves to confront with streaming full hd content.

now 4K

And I cannot re-render it...

Digital art, a definition

magma - generative art

Digital art, is nothing much more than a connotation, almost mirror-like, of electronic art.


Quite simply, it indicates the art created on a computer, or that use, non-trivially, the computer to manipulate and edit an forms art piece.

Compared to electronic art, has a slightly narrower meaning, as it tends to indicate projects having an independent life directly inside of the PC.

The Futurist Reconstruction of the Universe

Depero, trade fair installation

Giacomo Balla and Fortunato Depero With the Technical Manifesto of Futurist Painting and the preface to the catalogue of the Futurist Exhibition in Paris (signed by Boccioni, Carrà, Russolo, Balla, Severini), with the Manifesto of Futurist Sculpture (signed by Boccioni), the Manifesto of the Painting of Sounds, Noises and Smells (signed by Carrà), with the volume Futurist Painting and Sculpture by Boccioni and Carrà's Warpainting, pictorial Futurism has succeeded in the course of six years in progressing beyond Impressionism and in solidifying it, proposing plastic dynamism and the molding

Net Art, shared art creation

net art

Net Art (often confused with the Web Art), is characterized by a strong sharing spirit , interactivity, and gives to Art an Absolutely public role.

Moves away from the hopelessly romantic notion of art as an expression of the genius of the author, to latch on to the archaic values of the community, and the work of art as a collective vision of a group of people.

Electronic Futurism : Manifesto

la macchina sociale
This is my old Electronic Futurism Manifesto, written many years ago. I was younger, and many things changed.

Clouds of smoke are rising from the traditionalist dust .

We do not want to exalt war , militarism , patriotism (taken in his extreme nazi - fascist meaning ) , the destructive gesture .

We want to enhance the dynamic progress of humanity in the quest of his own meaning , through discoveries , culture , addressing the injustices and hypocrisies , bigoted beliefs and superstitions of his own age.


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