From Maria Komodore, about indipendent exposure animation edition 2007

...Startle Pattern, by Eric Patrick, and Giocattoli Futuristi, by Claudio Castelli, are extraordinarily adventurous in their representations.

Patrick's short explores the state of spectatorship today by making its clay protagonist abandon his film-enclosed world and confront his creator.

Berlinale talent Campus

ebruary 2009 ! yahuu I was selected for the seventh edition of the Talent Campus of the Berlin Film Festival as a Digital Artist. Honor and glory therefore, but with them great responsibility. All the pounds of free paper I received had to be thrown at the airport, as they did not come in hand luggage.

Suburban Landscape

A roll of C41 developed in a classic black and white developer..

Some of the photos kept some unknown colors and did not have the feeling of turning into black and white, as I find this dreamy and poetic..


I was born in Siena in 1979, graduated in Industrial Design at the Polytechnic of Milano, I traveled and lived in various countries, I am an artist and a designer. I use and used different forms of expression, from the most materic to the digital ones, as a designer I have more experience in marketing and graphic communication, but I have realized and prototypped various objects, mostly for myself.

Concert video scenography - Rachmaninov

big sea horse waves

This set design was realized combining several pieces of animation on the notes of Maria Pia Carola piano, performing Rachmaninov's "Etudes Tableaux op 39".
Both executions had to be performed "live" : the pianist was playing , i was mixing and transforming my 3d animation pieces previously elaborated for the event.
The final results would be delivered by connecting 3 different projectors to a vj dedicated workstation, using retro projection techniques and standard set design equipment.
The public is surrounded by a continuous flux of images and music.

Unchained Kebab - 3d realistic kebab

kebab in 3d realistico

3d Realistic Kebab, spinning and rolling on romantic music.
In tensed cultural differences times, a symbol of peace, bringing together people having different traditions and religions, but with a wonderful common objective: fill their stomach with few euros.
Cause if You can make not photorealistic rendering, you can usually also can make quite realistic stuff.
Then , It is a matter of time, passion and energy creating something.
Realized using Blender, and his rendering engine "Cycles"

3D Vanguard Animation ShowReel

saldatore futurista

A sample from my best vanguard 3d futurist videos A sample of my works, on the music from Satie.

This worked for being admitted to berlinale talent campus :)

I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it.

God is really only another artist.

He invented the giraffe, the elephant and the cat.

He has no real style,

He just goes on trying other things ​

Futurist Luddite

futurist luddism

Futurism and Luddite : an Oxymore? Probably.
Technology helping so much anyone communicating, publishing whatever he wants, writing whatever he wants...
But did it educated the taste of people?? Let's take a great self-publishing , such youtube.
It helps promoting the spreading of the culture, allowing anybody to give his great contribute to the spreading of the culture and the enrichment of the human species.
Then , which are the most viewed video on youtube? Mostly light contents, one popular crocodile kids song, nice female ass in underwear.

The Wire, Theseus, Ariadne, The Minotaur

minotaur baby

The first Animation on which I worked in the distant university years, concerning the myth of the labyrinth of Knossos, and of the events of Teseo who killed the Minotaur, here is the victim of the marginalization and of his own diversity. Made in "team" with: Elisa Bertolotti , Carolina Perrod, John Scarsella, Giacomo Trevisan. The wire represents the alphabet. Definitely one of the most enjoyable "in the classical sense" animations of my portfolio. It's a pity that music has been cut off by youtube for copyright infringement ... ​


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