Santa Snake , Jingle Snake

snork and snake animated

And so this is Christmas , and another year is finishing… That’s why we made a cute and very short animation featuring “Santa Snake” (Or, in Italia, Babbo Serpente).

Firstable cause I admire this elegant and sneaky animal, second, cause in Chinese Horoscope, The Snake is the symbol of 2013.

And also, cause the snake deserved a rehabilitation in Western Culture. Hope you enjoy! And Merry Christmas!! (and happy new year)



An Item from futurist toys I really liked : a locomotive. I found this old picture, featuring a model used in Futurist Toys: "The Locomotive" (intended as the pilot of the train), it seems to me almost more interesting, extrapolated from the video and its natural context. Man and Machine, using the same geometry and geometric strength.

A Beautiful Town – or Extended Country – Bello Paese

bello paese

A 3d futurist – vanguard Animation made in Blender Here an explanation Bello Paese i how Italy, is called by some foreigners, misspelling just a bit a nice way to call my country ( Bel Paese ). Italian grammar is difficult, and so is getting our society.

The habit of static wealthiness from the eighties and the ninthys is up facing a new global economy , a new global flux of migration. New needs , new challenges. And the society is more static than ever, if not for jobs, becoming more and more “flexible” than everywhere else.

LadyBird video dance


Ladybird is a video created by by Claudio Castelli, using the jazz music from Paolo Damiani’s album: “Ladybird” Rita Patti’s choreographies.

Dance and music mixed, natural mediterranean elements and abstract shapes

SEOUL FILM FESTIVAL official poster

Seoul Film Festival Official Poster

Here there is the poster commissioned by a festival , In Korea.

It was composed creating several 3d models, and combining them together .

I believe it given an innovative image to the festival…

At least, I think so, but it was very funny to make it!

I Also included the first version of the poster.. for sure more “messy”, in terms of graphic design, but much more expressive and close to the complexity of futurist art..

The Sunday Painters

primavera maremmana art fair in tuscany

A digital painting about a popular art exhibition in Grosseto (Tuscany, Italy, my city, or big town) Called “Primavera Maremmana), held by mostly “Sunday painters”: artists that are not necessarily earning their living by their “Art”, and they’re not even trying to.

What moves them, is mostly the passion for art, and for the beautiful landscapes that surround them.


metropolis dipinto

Some old paintings, created with mixed technique, in which I painted using various industrial materials on digital artworks I previously made,   printed on photographic paper .Digital art, infinitely reproducible, becomes unique.  


godzilla in florence

Please don’t take me wrong.

I love the look of Italian historical Cities.

Is what foreign mostly love about my Country.

It’s just that as an artist, and designer, sometimes is a bit frustrating having to deal with historical building, historical venues, thinking about “harmony” with the surrounding environment.

That’s why, on this piece, I’m inviting my friend Godzilla to visit me in Florence.

Unfortunately, in real life, I don’t have his telephone number, so, I Guess, I will have to keep this as a fantasy.

branding animation for mtv

Soryboard animation mtv

A proposal for a competition, the creation of a “branding” animation for MTV (1min length) The animation will be a sort of animated futuristic framework, which will represent MTV in the typical swirling style and surreal futurista.Si Please refer to the storyboard. There are too many visual elements to be described in a few words. For an example of the style that is then used, it can be useful vision Toys Futurists. As said Fortunato Depero (Futurist painter and copywriter) said, if in the past customers were popes and emperors, in our times are the enterprises and institutions.

“Inizio dalla Fine” , video installation for theatre

real time theatrical installation

A real time video installation for live action theater.
I first prepared some video tracks, then I mixed in real time during the show following the living actions on the stage.
Mixed expressive languages, visual and sounds.
The show was held in Rome, directed by Maria Elena Masetti Zannini and Antonella Accettura.
If You like italian language, You can try to watch the video, is quite experssive, and the language is aulic .
The poster wasen’t made by me.


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