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You can contact me for

Ask me for creating a video , an animation, an installation for your event, your advert, your exhibition, your theatrical show, your musical, or whatever you have in your mind , or buying a handmade print

…or maybe:

Ask me to o use the material on this site for a festival, publishing on a dvd..

Or asking for making an exhibition in your venue – art gallery

… or also:

For teaching jobs, organizing courses, propose a way to collaborate to Your project..

Any contribute will be appreciated.

write an email to: castelli79 (snail) . gmail .it
or, ONLY for Job purpose (You wanna give me a paid Job, not the opposite) call +39 3495927437 (sellers, stay away, I’m stingy)
Please avoid using social network (I do not monitor them) , stuff like wathsup, and copy and paste email.