Digital artist, digital art?

fractal art

I wonder, if  passed the 90s fascination about new economy, the wonders of tele- remote working, Web 2.0, the "virtual", it still makes sense to talk about digital artist and analogue artist (or better traditional).

According to a dated and canonical definition, the digital artist uses the computer (in a non-trivial way) as a creative tool, creating completely synthetic works, or manipulating the traditional media (see Wikipedia).

I personally could be partially agreed only when we talk about art generative or mathematics, such as fractal art:

Electronic Art

electronic art - crosslight

The term was created around 1960, indicating the introduction of electronic technologies in the arts forms of the period.

We clearly talk in this case , about television, the beginnings of Internet scene, computers, primitive technology for virtual reality, robotics, video and audio recording technologies, and wearable technologies.

One of the most interesting features that sets it apart is the multidisciplinary allowed by electronic media: often merging with music, or other art forms, visual, acoustic or theatrical type.

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