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The Futurist Tekne today interview for the quarterly the Third Eye

I report an interesting interview about my work as an electronic artist by "Il terzo occhio", from the first issue of 2009

Comets, solo exhibition from January 4, 2008

Digital Crib Show

Friday morning, at noon, we inaugurate the project comets to the bakers.
"Comets" is a work of digital animation in 3d, created by the artist Claudio Castelli and curated by Me (Mauro Papa).
It represents groups of virtual people who travel to the Nativity.
The three Kings, but not only: characters of the contemporary age and characters of the ancient age, in a timeless dimension.
Thanks to its technical features, the 3d installation is composed of heterogeneous versions that reflect different observation points and time phases.

Digital animation Techniques-Accademia di Bellearti di Brera

accademia belle arti di brera milano

Techniques of digital animation, a laboratory course at the Accademia di Brera, to introduce students to the creation of a digital animation, to free technique, starting from the theoretical bases, and introducing the use of 3d animation techniques through the Software Blender.
The course had a very laboratory imprint, had the duration of a semester, trying to follow and organize the creative ideas of students, and to guide them in the realization of their work.
I ignore the current fate of the course, I have not been reconfirmed, and I have returned to my usual activities.

Master New Media – New people. SantaGiulia Academy

logo accademia santa giulia brescia

Web Form Art-Advanced (new Media Master, new people) Accademia Santa Giulia, Brescia

rai-tgr NEAPOLIS

Tuesday, February 7 "IMAGINA" d'italie service of Adriano Albano see the sunrise on the quiet port of the Principality of Monaco is a privilege that more and more Italians are allowed.
Yes, because the number of our fellow citizens who have chosen, generally for tax opportunities, to take up the Monegasque residence is constantly growing.
Yet at the last "Imagina", Montecarlo's exhibition on digital animation, the Italian presence was reduced to light.

Berlinale talent Campus

ebruary 2009 ! yahuu I was selected for the seventh edition of the Talent Campus of the Berlin Film Festival as a Digital Artist. Honor and glory therefore, but with them great responsibility. All the pounds of free paper I received had to be thrown at the airport, as they did not come in hand luggage.

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