• An impressionist effect created directly with the camera, through a series of movements, and/or a series of shots, that transcend the singularity of the classic shooting on film, and go to extend it on time, imprinting in a single Frame a multitude of different moments and visions.
  • Another group that I take cureon Flickr. Art, science, technique - this was the original meaning of τέχνη - Art-. The main goal of an artist used to be finding the best way to express his feelings, going through any technological research that could bring benefits to his vision.
  • A brief Appendix, written for an essay on "electronic Futurism" by the painter Tina Saletnich. I Included the full text I had originally written, cause this is not paper, so there is no waste putting in things that they are unrelevant for a painter essay, but more interesting on the electronic side of the arts.
  • A gallery about electronic futurism, an artistic mouvement born officially in 2006 with my "ELECTRONIC FUTURISM : MANIFESTO" , curated by me on flickr. The gallery is dotted with the works of various artists, who marry with the aesthetics and the themes of electronic futurism, and is curated by me on flickr.