Unchained Kebab - 3d realistic kebab

kebab in 3d realistico

3d Realistic Kebab, spinning and rolling on romantic music.
In tensed cultural differences times, a symbol of peace, bringing together people having different traditions and religions, but with a wonderful common objective: fill their stomach with few euros.
Cause if You can make not photorealistic rendering, you can usually also can make quite realistic stuff.
Then , It is a matter of time, passion and energy creating something.
Realized using Blender, and his rendering engine "Cycles"

3D Vanguard Animation ShowReel

saldatore futurista

A sample from my best vanguard 3d futurist videos A sample of my works, on the music from Satie.

This worked for being admitted to berlinale talent campus :)

I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it.

God is really only another artist.

He invented the giraffe, the elephant and the cat.

He has no real style,

He just goes on trying other things ​

The Wire, Theseus, Ariadne, The Minotaur

minotaur baby

The first Animation on which I worked in the distant university years, concerning the myth of the labyrinth of Knossos, and of the events of Teseo who killed the Minotaur, here is the victim of the marginalization and of his own diversity. Made in "team" with: Elisa Bertolotti , Carolina Perrod, John Scarsella, Giacomo Trevisan. The wire represents the alphabet. Definitely one of the most enjoyable "in the classical sense" animations of my portfolio. It's a pity that music has been cut off by youtube for copyright infringement ... ​


smart traffic light

A work that uses a technique very similar to the early stylized graphical representations made with computers, featuring a very mechanized society,  where the machine, usually just used by the man, get to control his life. Made in 2002, it shows, in embryo, what is the vision of "Futurist Toys"

Futurist Toys

futurist serene image

A quite dark and disturbing 3d animation from 2005 about a working day of an "anyone" man, living in our era.

The story takes visual inspiration from italian art movement "Futurismo" (Futurism) , and specially from Fortunato Depero Artworks, to play with the positivist concept of "machine" of the beginning of last century, opposed to what machines are becoming now for our lifes.
It was a work made along my thesis in industrial design , in a period while I was worried about my working future..

intro animation for festival (SENEF)

seoul 3d animation

A 25 seconds animation commissioned By Senef (Seoul Film Festival) as opening video for the various screening sessions.
This animation is much brighter and colorful than Futurist Toys, also, the dark sky was replaced by a much brighter background, to express better the atmosphere of joy and amusement of the event.
For the same event, it was created also the poster, that You can see above.

Santa Snake , Jingle Snake

snork and snake animated

And so this is Christmas , and another year is finishing… That’s why we made a cute and very short animation featuring “Santa Snake” (Or, in Italia, Babbo Serpente).

Firstable cause I admire this elegant and sneaky animal, second, cause in Chinese Horoscope, The Snake is the symbol of 2013.

And also, cause the snake deserved a rehabilitation in Western Culture. Hope you enjoy! And Merry Christmas!! (and happy new year)


A Beautiful Town – or Extended Country – Bello Paese

bello paese

A 3d futurist – vanguard Animation made in Blender Here an explanation Bello Paese i how Italy, is called by some foreigners, misspelling just a bit a nice way to call my country ( Bel Paese ). Italian grammar is difficult, and so is getting our society.

The habit of static wealthiness from the eighties and the ninthys is up facing a new global economy , a new global flux of migration. New needs , new challenges. And the society is more static than ever, if not for jobs, becoming more and more “flexible” than everywhere else.


Atomic Radiation

An ancient work of 2002 (to which I am particularly fond).

This video, created in the context of the Erasmus period at the Teiath in Athens was then used in Japan as a promo of a new commercial area of Fukuoka (Island City).

Entirely 2d, a moving painting.

The beginning of the human civilization-development-the crisis and again a new beginning... just to help people thinking that we are a blink of an eye in the eternity of the universe... and we have the power to destroy only ourselves... nothing else.

I'll let you guess the meaning.

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