The Electronic Cigarette

sigaretta elettronica metodologie

Electronic Art and Electronic Cigarette : A Very interesting parallelism.
As the traditional bohemian stereotyped artist is supposed to wear a scarf, and to smoke the pipe or some hand rolled cigarettes , The Electronic artist is supposed to vape the electronic cigarette.
This is a quote, so, is not something can be discussed.
Pure truth.
So, obviously, being an Electronic artist, I had to turn myself into an electronic cigarette vaper.

Odysseus and the Sirens (or the mermaids, maybe)

The Sirens in Greek mythology

Once he hears to his heart's content, sails on, a wiser man.
We know all the pains that the Greeks and Trojans once endured on the spreading plain of Troy when the gods willed it so all that comes to pass on the fertile earth, we know it all! Odysseus was curious as to what the Sirens sang to him, so, on Circe's advice, he had all of his sailors plug their ears with beeswax and tie him to the mast.
He ordered his men to leave him tied tightly to the mast, no matter how much he would beg.

Futurist Luddite

futurist luddism

Futurism and Luddite : an Oxymore? Probably.
Technology helping so much anyone communicating, publishing whatever he wants, writing whatever he wants...
But did it educated the taste of people?? Let's take a great self-publishing , such youtube.
It helps promoting the spreading of the culture, allowing anybody to give his great contribute to the spreading of the culture and the enrichment of the human species.
Then , which are the most viewed video on youtube? Mostly light contents, one popular crocodile kids song, nice female ass in underwear.


An Item from futurist toys I really liked : a locomotive. I found this old picture, featuring a model used in Futurist Toys: "The Locomotive" (intended as the pilot of the train), it seems to me almost more interesting, extrapolated from the video and its natural context. Man and Machine, using the same geometry and geometric strength.

SEOUL FILM FESTIVAL official poster

Seoul Film Festival Official Poster

Here there is the poster commissioned by a festival , In Korea.

It was composed creating several 3d models, and combining them together .

I believe it given an innovative image to the festival…

At least, I think so, but it was very funny to make it!

I Also included the first version of the poster.. for sure more “messy”, in terms of graphic design, but much more expressive and close to the complexity of futurist art..


godzilla in florence

Please don’t take me wrong.

I love the look of Italian historical Cities.

Is what foreign mostly love about my Country.

It’s just that as an artist, and designer, sometimes is a bit frustrating having to deal with historical building, historical venues, thinking about “harmony” with the surrounding environment.

That’s why, on this piece, I’m inviting my friend Godzilla to visit me in Florence.

Unfortunately, in real life, I don’t have his telephone number, so, I Guess, I will have to keep this as a fantasy.

branding animation for mtv

Soryboard animation mtv

A proposal for a competition, the creation of a “branding” animation for MTV (1min length) The animation will be a sort of animated futuristic framework, which will represent MTV in the typical swirling style and surreal futurista.Si Please refer to the storyboard. There are too many visual elements to be described in a few words. For an example of the style that is then used, it can be useful vision Toys Futurists. As said Fortunato Depero (Futurist painter and copywriter) said, if in the past customers were popes and emperors, in our times are the enterprises and institutions.


saturday fever

A "grotesque" but debonaire "fresco" of an italian tradition (developed specially in small citys) : "LO STRUSCIO" (ispired by GROTZ artworks). It means that nearly everybody , young and old people goes taking a walk IN THE SAME ancien main street, everybody around the same time (late saturday afternoon, around 5-6 o' clock) , Usually hoping to meet someone... That means that is gonna be hard walking in that street for tourists! Since the paint is pretty large (135x170 cm) I published also a few pictures with details.


musical art

In this page a collection (to be updated) of funny things posted on facebook, to promote my page and becoming VIRAL. Later, I decided other Virus are easier to spread, and I became lazy about my massive brand promotion. And just becoming Claudio Castelli, an excentric but fashinating artist. But still, kurageart and the jellyfish is flying half in the sky.

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