Despite I've been a REAL professor at Universities and art academy, I think that often the educational system is more focused about making money on students hopes, than guarantying them a real future...

 That's why, several years ago, I wrote this short ironical piece about an hypothetical Master Class called "creative mines" .

It's sounds almost too real to be a joke :

Have You ever been embarrassed when someone asks you: hey You, what is your job? I mean, how do You get a living? Are you not tired to respond: "well, I make things, I see people?"

The 90's were charged with false hopes about the future. The new-economy, if it ever existed, it is over. It's time to face the facts: You want a real job, You want to become a REAL man (or woman) .

Your academic papers are useless!!!! you need a MASTER in CREATIVE MINING MINERARY* DESIGN KURAGEART. The MASTER in MINING MINERARY* DESIGN KURAGEART focuses on the real world experience.

Thanks to more than 60,000 hours of workshops, you will learn FOR TRUE a REAL job. You will have the opportunity to become part of a young and creative and extremely dynamic international company, learning to work in a team, both in mining activities,AND in the construction of the URANIUM PYRAMID, an ambitious ,ironic and captivating art project .

The internship will be actually even paid , going to be a milestone in the process of your self-empowerment: STOP with porridge bowl from your mother, NOW ONLY healthy and fresh uranium dug by your own hands! What a satisfaction, FINALLY!

Become the protagonist of your own life, in the wonderful world of live performances by extracting uranium using your OWN hands!

Don't be a DUMB: REGISTER IMMEDIATELY TO THE SELECTIONS!! REGISTRATION ARE STILL OPEN * mining URANIUM, obviously ** membership in this group has the value of contract for an indefinite period. Are you happy eh, no more contract jobs!

miniere creative, master in management minerario