Digital Nativity Christmas Scene

An immersive digital animation installation about Christmas Nativity, a digital crib realized with revolutionary style.

There is an old Christian tradition, in Italy, about making , during Christmas period , a Nativity scene using little statues representing the Holy Family (Maria, Joseph, and new born Jesus) in their hut and all the local people from Bethlehem , following the comet star visiting them, to see their new born Messiah.

This is called “the Crib” , or Presepe, in Italian In this case, i was asked by my city art department (Grosseto municipality, Tuscany, Italy) to realize a Crib scene using my digital Techniques and my style, to entertain the population with a fresh new vision about the happy festivity.

The scene was realized creating 4 different animation for the main installation , in an old former church, called ” Chiesa dei Bigi “, used for art events, and projecting them with multiple beamers – projectors on some panels and on the roof of the church itself.

So, we had one main projection for the central scene (the Nativity) , two lateral projections, and one projection for the sky.

The result was really immersive, the visitors where literally part of this installation, stepping into the church.

You can see here how simple the setup it can be.

And also, in various electronic shops television screens of the city, were shown some extra angle scenes, to bring more people to the event, while they were doing their Christmas shopping.

This installation it can be recreated for your city, obviously, I will need to recreate at least the most important architectural places, to characterize your city, and adapt the models to the new environment..