Electronic Futurism : Manifesto

This is my old Electronic Futurism Manifesto, written many years ago. I was younger, and many things changed.

Clouds of smoke are rising from the traditionalist dust .

We do not want to exalt war , militarism , patriotism (taken in his extreme nazi - fascist meaning ) , the destructive gesture .

We want to enhance the dynamic progress of humanity in the quest of his own meaning , through discoveries , culture , addressing the injustices and hypocrisies , bigoted beliefs and superstitions of his own age.

We want to emphasize art as the social innovator main tool , we want it to be able to shake the conscience of the dormant oblivion commodified mass culture , which creates new myths only to create new needs.

We want to stand up to against the anti- meritocracy of those who barricade themselves behind an institution , a desk, a chair , a title , a status , and allow themselves to oppose , mock, exploit, those with innovating ability , talent, ideas. We do not want to destroy the museums, but we want to remove dust and cobwebs from art that is contained in it , freeing it , updating it , bringing it through the ether , electrical cables , screens , and any other instrument that allows the reproduction of the artwork itself in front of the whole world, to an audience as wide as possible , because it finally matches the objectives for which it was created : entertainment , gaming , social communication , advertising .

We do not want to burn the books, instead we want to be able to browse through them again, and be able to extrapolate form them brand new acoustic and visual suggestions .

We want to harness the new digital techniques and take advantage of all the magic plastic and bright that they offer , avoiding stereotypes made in the collective imagination , going to create an entirely new style, exciting, very dynamic , multi-faceted .

We want to capture the dynamic moment of emotion, and extend it in time and space, and in any other dimension that the technique will make it possible . Claudio Castelli, May 16, 2006