Futurist Luddite

Futurism and Luddite : an Oxymore? Probably.
Technology helping so much anyone communicating, publishing whatever he wants, writing whatever he wants...
But did it educated the taste of people?? Let's take a great self-publishing , such youtube.
It helps promoting the spreading of the culture, allowing anybody to give his great contribute to the spreading of the culture and the enrichment of the human species.
Then , which are the most viewed video on youtube? Mostly light contents, one popular crocodile kids song, nice female ass in underwear.
Is this democratic? Of course, is what people like most.
So, is what is showed most, and promoted mostly by a platform like YouTube.
Is this democracy? I would say yes.
Is what people wanna see Well, i miss the time when media were trying also to educate the public, trying to giving them a bit of taste of what is RIGHT to like.
Was that democracy? I would say, probably, formally, not, but the easiest way to dominate a country, is to let it be ignorant.
So, media had an important role on guiding people on being free.
And responsible parents, don't let their kid alone in front of the Tv.
Then, someone might say...
"hey, but then, what about Nazi - Fascist - Communist - etc Propaganda..
they were evil" Come on, this is not what I'm talking about.
Anyway, I'm pissed from the thing that none of my works are in those charts, (and VERY envious to those videos that they made it in this chart) so I made this little Futurist man Hammering his pc Now i feel better.

futurist luddite
luddism and futurism