Futurist Toys

A quite dark and disturbing 3d animation from 2005 about a working day of an "anyone" man, living in our era.

The story takes visual inspiration from italian art movement "Futurismo" (Futurism) , and specially from Fortunato Depero Artworks, to play with the positivist concept of "machine" of the beginning of last century, opposed to what machines are becoming now for our lifes.
It was a work made along my thesis in industrial design , in a period while I was worried about my working future..

thinking that I would have become one of those very small gears that are making the social machine working.

I was young, indeed, but I think that this work can represent many young students, or adults, worried about their future.

They are several quotes from italian movies, and books, such as "I promessi sposi" and "La Divina Commedia" , as well as the awakening of a man moving from the country side , to the big city, for work.

The animation uses 3d techniques combined with some special rendering techniques, and uses mostly the lights to turn 3d objects into a living paint.

This 10 minutes 3d animation was selected and showed at more than 60 animation , video art, digital art festival world wide.

Virtuality conference 2005 (finalist)- Turin-Italy Future Film Festival Bologna 2006 (shorts) Imagina 2006 (montecarlo) Streaming Festival "The Hague") -netherland Thailand new media art festival -thai Pixeldance (greece video art festival) -greece D-NEFF 2006 (experimental film fastval of pais basque) Seoul film festival Festival arcipelago -it Comic-con 2006 -usa Darklight Film Festival -ireland Hiroshima animation Festival (stars of students) -jp Animation Block party (NY) Hull Film festival 2006 -uk Visionaria 2006 -it Animatu 2006 -portugal Pisaff 2006 -korea DOTMOV 2006 -japan Notte Europea Della Ricerca -italy Memefest 2006 Artedigital (conferenza sull’arte digitale, cuba) Golden Lion Film Festival -Swaziland Izolenta 2006 (Russia) Vad Festival(festival international de art y video digital)-Girona NEMAF 2006 (new media festival in Seoul) and many more..
mini gallery - various images, either photograms or work in progress  

futurist cubist bird
futurist train
cubist stairs
futurist cubist landscape
cubist futurist countryside