Futurist Toys : A complete explanation

from submarine channel:

Futurist paintings come to life in this 3D animated short.

“Back to the Futurists” could have been the subtitle. While studying in Japan, Claudio Castelli became more aware of his Italian roots and came up with the idea to make futurist paintings come to life. The result is no short than breathtaking. “Giocattoli Futuristi’ gets visual inspiration from Depero’s paintings, with some narrative elements taken from Pasolini’s movies and classic Italian literature” explains Claudio. “I think that the world would be more interested in seeing ‘Italy’, rather than some squalid attempt to emulate a PIXAR production.” Don’t know about the world but we would definitely like to see more Castelli, but the problem is financing. “I try to make some money making websites. Even superheroes have jobs you know. They fight crime for free”. Interesting point. But unlike Bruce Wayne and the like, there’s no ‘Castelli Enterprises’ to fall back on. In fact, he’s still looking for a producer for his next project.

The history wants to be on one side shooting a kind of futuristic representation, irreverent and grotesque that, then resume the absence of his own psychology of this type of stage action, and what triggers in the viewer a sense of bewilderment and amazement, while remaining a dreamy-playful vision, from ‘other a “drama” of expressionist type, which contextualizes the man dominated by the mechanical nature which he himself established, and he wants to awaken the slumbering consciousness. The “drama”, in fact, it is rather ironic, and got up to several themes of Italian literature, as the “Divine Comedy” or the “Betrothed”, by going to summarize in skits sensitive. Works that have marked the life and cultural development of all of us, themes and reflections “common” .. It can be considered autobiographical in part, may on the other hand, if you can manage to fall in the shoes of impersonal ‘ “APROTAGONISTA” represent a bit  all of us, who walk with wonder in time and space, looking for that something different, enveloped by mocking changing ideals specially created precisely to allow the functioning of society, and every time we remain irremediably trapped, and then wake up and fall into them again, however, enriched inwardly, and a little? less? mechanical ?.

So I wanted to give you food for thought, especially for all of us “young”, which at this time we are leaving that dimension? Playful? of the studies and we are going to WORK, or rather looking for it (for those who had not already done so): we try, whenever we realize that we are a bit ‘too “automatic”, to lift our eyes and see again life in a playful and primativist, we try, every time that we wake up, smile, rather than be overwhelmed, our mechanical nature, and that of others. I leave it to YOU the other conclusions.