Large Format Photography

A series of images obtained with large format cameras.
"Large" is anything that goes beyond the medium format, which uses a film of 6 cm wide (the "classic" 35mm format uses a film of only 24mm in wide!).
I usually shot in the American size 4 "x 5" (about 10x12cm), cause I like the squarish ratio, 9x12cm (European version of the american 4x5 , intercheangeable by using the right holder in modern 4x5 or 9x12 cameras) , 13x18cm, 5 "x7" using self-built or antique machines.
What I like so much about large format is not only the resolution (which is impressive), but theselective focus, which exponentially increases increasing the size of the film used, and allows  artistic shots unthinkable with smaller formats.
 For now I have only tried with relatively simple machines to carry.