Master New Media – New people. SantaGiulia Academy

Web Form Art-Advanced (new Media Master, new people) Accademia Santa Giulia, Brescia

Teachers: Carlo Lanzi-Claudio Castelli-
  The module aims to form a figure capable of designing and realizing a model of virtual museum set-up and of virtual navigable and interactive museums. The skills are therefore the ability to model an environment to offer a three-dimensional replica of an existing structure, with the possibility of strong interaction with the user. Measuring techniques and relative precisions the instruments of traditional survey photogrammetry the new three-dimensional survey techniques the laser to scan basic concepts of 3d graphics: Basic navigation, exploration of the Software interface ( Blender), management of solids in space. Interaction-oriented basic modeling (Lowpoly) mesh editing methods, creating complex objects through simple object groupings, UV mapping, texturing: Positioning and mapping of photographic images to simple geometries. Reference to lighting (lighting in digital spaces) Introduction to Blender's game engine: creating a navigable environment. Introduction to the game engine interaction. Logical blocks, hints at Python scripts