The small square picture - zeiss ikon taxona

A little series taken with a Zeiss Ikon Taxona . A peculiarity of this camera is that it snaps square 24x24 mm pictures, resembling the proportions of the 60x60mm medium format film, so much loved by the fans of Hasselblad.


Clearly, the quality is lower than what You can obtain by using a medium format camera, but the machine is exceptionally compact, fully mechanical, has only a viewfinder without any focusing help (it focuses only through the distance scale on the lens : after a few complicated attempts to use a range-finder app on my telephone, I just shut the roll at f8). Also, a regular 35mm roll will fit way more piture than using a standard 35x24 camera: around 1/3 more, so, using a 36 exposures roll, You'll get around 50 exposures. Photos of this gallery were taken using a Konica  roll c41 100 asa expired in 1996 developed using  black and white chemistry kodak xtol


taxona, camera, photo by CYW from Flickr