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Digital artist, digital art?

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I wonder, if  passed the 90s fascination about new economy, the wonders of tele- remote working, Web 2.0, the "virtual", it still makes sense to talk about digital artist and analogue artist (or better traditional).

According to a dated and canonical definition, the digital artist uses the computer (in a non-trivial way) as a creative tool, creating completely synthetic works, or manipulating the traditional media (see Wikipedia).

I personally could be partially agreed only when we talk about art generative or mathematics, such as fractal art:

The Maya Illusion

maya ruins

The World is gonna finish in 2012.

This is what some people said , that is gonna happen, cause Maya people said so.

I think that this mysterious civilization just got lazy in writing numbers in the calendar.

And i Actually understand them.

I get lazy too, if I’m designing a website for a client, and i have to divide the content in base to Year, month, to keep writing those numbers..

But well, we will see..

Anyway, this was a generative painting, inspired by Mayan architecture..

I Hope you like

Evolution: generative based animation

evolution generative painting

An animation created for a video installation and personal exhibition , talking about the circle of the evolution of our civilization and the ending of itself, for a new start.

Talking about cycles of history, and the constant repeating of events about civilization, starting , evolving, being dominating the world, falling, and starting again.

Creating this animation involved creating first a huge series of mixed generative 3d and digital painted pieces, manually textured, and partially modified (using mainly compositing) to recreate my vision.


 SUPERSTITION digital painting

I'm from a country where people are indeed quite superstitious.

Most of the time it is funny. Sometimes less.

But whatever, I just found this old picture I made, so I'm happy to publish and share with the world. I think that it will bring me luck. 

Growing older, I realized that sometimes the beliefs, legends, superstitions have some element of truth, and should be regarded with respect.

Digital art, a definition

magma - generative art

Digital art, is nothing much more than a connotation, almost mirror-like, of electronic art.


Quite simply, it indicates the art created on a computer, or that use, non-trivially, the computer to manipulate and edit an forms art piece.

Compared to electronic art, has a slightly narrower meaning, as it tends to indicate projects having an independent life directly inside of the PC.

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