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How to earn money with digital art?

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How to earn money with digital art? Hard to answer.

That’s why it is nice to investigate.

I think I’m dealing with this article, about an hot topic for many digital artists (or electronic) , clearly including also myself.

The digital art system, while using as a “Palette” (or main instrument) to build from scratch or modify an artwork, a single PC or a several computer farms, is not too far away, conceptually, from the system of traditional art.

Restoring Digital Art : it gets OLD so fast!

cecilia gomez restaururaion

As an electronic artist, I often faced the same fact with my creation, specially with videos: for example, the software I was using ages ago is not available anymore, and maybe my video resolution in 1998 was like 320 x 240 (very fine for those times)...


and now it haves to confront with streaming full hd content.

now 4K

And I cannot re-render it...

Arts and Media, Digital art and computer, poetry and paper: an useless and redundant controversy

italian sausages, butcher paper

A sheet of paper can be used in various ways : To write a shopping list, for example . Or to wrap the eggs.

Or again, to write a poem, or make a sketch .

We live in an age of relativism , in which everything can be everything. .

So maybe , brandishing the butcher's bill , and placing it within a frame, in the context of a show, someone will say " this is art ."

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