web art

Web art is nothing else than an evolution (or rather, an integration ) of what was called " electronic art " in the 60's :


electronic art had the prerogative to make creative use of that period media .. so , in this case , basically just the television.

Web art does nothing more than following the technological evolution, and uses the digital language the web as media .

For me, therefore , we can still call the webart as electronic art , or even just Art ..

It's just a good name for marketing, that only reflects the unstoppable technological progress that we artists we face , can increase the palette of tools available to us , and nothing more.

Like web 2.0 : it means nothing, but is really easy to sell.

The palette of tools from which the artist draws the web , are all new digital media : for example, interactive animation , 3d graphics engines from video games used on an experimental ways , motion graphics, html code , javascript, jquery , php, aspnet , scripts, flash itself. Web browser becomes a container of new languages , using the means of communication normally employed on business or information basis , to create unusual experiences , often distorted.

Note well, that web art artworks, only use the web as a primary means of diffusion (togheter with floppy disks , CD-ROMs , interactive dvd etc ) .

Theyr poetics have nothing to do with the web .

For this reason, a work of web art , exist , and it will make sense , even outside internet, reproduced on any instrument permitting to play it ( projector, television , stage and anything else).

A web art artwork , can sometimes provide an interaction with its users , " aesthetic ", " contempative " , and requiring a deep introspection , often , on the abused man - machine topic. In many respects, the web art is extraordinarily conservative , going to bounce back fully to the "romantic" concept of art : A web art basically like a canvas, a work of a particular author , a reflection of his unique vision and his feelings , and as such, is characterized by copyright , and all the certifications about the author being the unique matrix of such a vision.

Nothing to do , then , with terms like " opensource " " collective art piece" "collaborative art" etc. For these things, there is the NET art, often confused with the web art. You are very welcome to contribute to this article. Publish your comments, and I'll be happy to integrate this article with new informations ..