corriere della sera-imagina

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The Oscars of animation at the computer stage in the Principality the digital future will Imagina in Monte Carlo in the race also the Italian Claudio Castelli who with the cartoon Futurist Toys Challenge behemoths like Star Wars and Harry Potter Monte-Carlo-is Claudio Castelli, 26enne Graduated in industrial design at the Politecnico di Milano, the only Italian candidate at the next Imagina Awards, the digital animation Oscars that will be assigned within Imagina, the animation festival created at the computer program at Montecarlo from 1 to 3 February.

His digital cartoon futurist toys, inspired by the paintings of Fortunato Depero and downloadable for free on the Internet, must contend against behemoths such as Star Wars-Revenge of the Sith, King Kong, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.
The categories-«We have received other interesting works from Italy-explains the general manager of Imagina Laurent Puons-, but this year the level of the competition was really high and it was not easy to choose for the jury, among the 530 works invited».
One more merit for castles, which represents us with an independent work, in a sector, that of computer graphics, which is in continuous expansion and sees the net industrial dominance of the United States, France and Great Britain: these are the three most Mentioned in the nominations for the various categories, "video clips", "TV spots", "shorts", "feature films" and "Colleges-universities". Dreams-Imagina, which comes this year to its 24th edition and takes place in the Grimaldi Forum Convention Center, represents an opportunity not to be missed for daydreaming in the face of what Pons calls "the best of the world's production of Computer-Created Images»: Visual effects for cinema and television, videogames, 3d animation will be the master in a festival that offers to the public also many backstages on the processing of recent films, from Madagascar the brothers Grimm and the enchanting Witch, from Batman begins to the next Renaissance (here in world premiere).
EUROPA-the protagonists called to tell the realization of the visual effects are not only Americans, as it would leave to think the power of use at the Cinema and videogame box: «It is true that most of the spectacular films comes From the Usa-says Pons-but there are many European studios that can now rival the Americans, and indeed often participate in creating the wonders we see in Stars and Stripes blockbusters.
Not to mention that the most important schools are in Europe. '
Meetings-and if a roundtable will be dedicated to younger European creatives, fresh from studies, it will be the industry that is directly involved in the three days of Monaco, with the possibility for companies, even independent, to present new Hardware and software solutions to possible buyers, while the public will be able to follow interesting lectures on the use of digital tools in entertainment.
Absolute novelty is the establishment of the first European Forum for 3d Visualization, which will cover the application of new technologies in architecture, with the participation of urban planners, architects, engineers, graphics.
  Marco Consoli 01 February 2006